CAESAR CRYSTAL BOHEMIAE Company specializes in manufacturing colorful cased crystal with a 24% PbO (lead oxide)content, which is made by connecting the layer of clear crystal and the layer of colourful crystal at temperatures around 800°C. The spectacular results of this manufacturing process requires the talent of the best and most skilful glassmakers. The demands of this time honored Bohemian tradition cannot be reproduced by any machines.

These traditional skills continue to be employed at CAESAR CRYSTAL BOHEMIAE glassworks today. Here younger generations of glassmakers inherit the skill of the glass working and craft from older glass masters here.

The basic glass materials used in glass melting include glass sand, potash and lime stone. Glass shards are also added into a glass batch in the kiln. Typical Caesar colours are created by melting glass with a mixture of metal oxides. The current palette of colours includes Amber, Azure, Blue, Green, Red and Violet. A black colour, which is useable only for a few shapes and style, is also melt for special design.

At each stage of the process the product is scrutinized to ensure it passes the stringent quality control standarts. Only after that a product becomes the CAESAR CRYSTAL BOHEMIAE brand´s holder. Products showing any imperfections, often invisible to the untrained eye, are removed and crushed. In the case of white or ruby red crystal they can be recycled to be melted into molten glass again.


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The glass production processs starts with melting a glass base material with a molten substance that is literally transformed using human hands. The glassmaker takes a small amount of the molten glass on the end of a blowpipe and bigins to gradually shapes and blow it.
Preparations of the coloured crystal component prior to the "flashing" process itself.
Casing process –at a pemperature around 800°C a bulb of white crystal placed insite the coloured crystal component that had been created earlier, This produces two layeers bonded together, clear crystal on the inside and coloured crystal on the outsite.
The process continues by shaping the combined object insite a damped wooden mould. The glassmaker obtains the basic shape by blowing and rotating the object. The wooden moulds have to be changed regularly because of their constant contact with the molten crystal.
To make easier to cut the glass, and ensure uniformity, lines are marked on the external surface to show the basic points of the design for the glass-cutters to follow.
By grinding away colouored glass to various depths with the help of natural or synthetic wheel, a grinder achieves the desired shape and design in each product.
Polishing is the final stage of the whole manufacturing process. Each product is immersed into a polishing pool. By doing this, the final product obtains a spectacular finish that is uniform and brings out the beauty of this spectacular product. The CAESAR CRYSTAL BOHEMIAE brand is only achieved once it has passed the stringent quality contol checks that take place during each phase of the manufacturing process. If it doesn´t meet the high standards it is set aside..


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Traditional Bohemia crystal with 24% PbO (lead oxide) content, Clear and coloured cased crystal.

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